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Fall is the time to plant spring bulbs!
Garlic is usually classified
as either soft-neck or
hard-neck.  Elephant
garlic is sometimes
classified as a third type,
but is actually a type of
leek instead.  Garlic is a
bulb that is usually
planted in the fall and
harvested around
mid-summer.  Garlic is a
cool weather crop.  Bulbs
will not form properly
without a winter, cool
down period. They are
usually ready for harvest
when about a third of the
leaves turn brown.  Start
by digging only a bulb or
two to make sure the
bulbs are fully
developed.  After the
harvest, the bulbs must
be cured or dried before
storage.  Visit our free
gardening section to
learn more about garlic
and other plants.
Above:  Canna Lilies in Late July
Above:  Photo of Primrose,  April 2009
Above:  Double Hollyhocks.
Photo taken July
Above:  Garlic Stalks with bulbils on top.  
Photo taken June
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