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General Information:

Alpine Rosy Bells are an attractive spring flowering bulb.  They are related to the onion.
They bloom in late spring.  Rosy Bells grow about 10 inches tall.  They form 2 inch
clusters of little, rosy-pink, bells.  They are usually considered hardy in zones 3 to 8.  
Dormant bulbs are planted in the fall.  Alpine Rosy Bells grow well in full sun to partial

Growth and Propagation of Alpine Rosy Bells:

Rosy Bells grow from small, half inch, diameter bulbs.  Once established, the bulbs
multiply fairly rapidly.  The bulbs form bulbets that will grow into full size bulbs in another
year.  Most people will divide their Rosy Bells about every 3 years.  Rosy Bells should
be divided after the green stems die back naturally.  The bulbs should be planted 2 to 3
inches apart.  They usually recommend planting them around 3 to 5 inches deep.  
Water the patch well after planting to settle the dirt around the roots.  

You should always wash your hands after handling ornamental flower bulbs.  Gloves will
also help to prevent irritation or allergic reactions from the plants.
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