The Fuller Brush Independent Distributor Page
Company Overview:
I am an independent distributor with the Fuller Brush Company.  They carry a
complete line of cleaning and personal care products.  The Fuller Brush Company
has been in business for 100 years.  Fuller Brush is a division of Buckingham Capital
Partners II, L.P. (a private investment firm).  Many, but not all products sold in the
catalog are American made.  

Place Orders or View Catalog Online:
To view the catalog or place a secure order directly from The Fuller Brush Company,
please go to the following site.  By using the link below, you will place your order
directly with Fuller Brush.  The best deals are on the monthly sale items.  A small
shipping fee and sales tax will be added to the order shipped directly to your home.

Free Monthly Sales Booklets:
If you would like to receive Free monthly sales booklets, please drop an E-mail to the
following box and leave your mailing address.  The complete catalog is also available
in paper form, but will not include some of the newest products.
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