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General Information:

The Orange Candleflower, commonly listed as Arum Italicum, is a new
addition to my flower garden.  I purchased some online.  They have exotic
looking leaves similar to the canna and calla lily.  The Orange Candleflower is
hardy in zones 4 to 9 without having to lift the roots in the winter.  It is
recommended to plant them in the fall.  

Growth and Propagation of Orange Candleflowers:

The Orange Candleflower grow from root-like bulbs, called tubers.  They
produce the largest leaves in partially shaded sites.  In Ohio, I have to shade
them from the afternoon sun.  They will grow 10 to 15 inches tall.  The plants
produce a jack in the pulpit, like flower in early spring.  They then produce
orange / red berries into the summer.  The majority of the foliage will appear
in the fall.  In warmer areas, zone 6 south, the foliage should die back in the
spring when the plants flower.  In colder zones 4 & 5, the foliage will die back
in the winter, but the roots should shoot new flowers in the spring.  It helps to
winter mulch the plants in cooler climates.  The plants will multiply every
year and have a slow growth rate.  The Orange Candleflower can also multiply
by seed.  

Feel free to contact us to share your experiences with the Orange
Candleflower plant.  This is a new addition to my garden.  Most of the
information posted is based on what others have told me.
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