General Information:

The Clustered Bellflower was a plant I paid little attention to, until I took
some cut flowers.  The flowers looked great in a vase for 2 weeks.  Our patch
has existed since before my time.  I used to considered them to be an
attractive weed.  The plants have bell shaped flowers that form round clusters
on top of 18 to 24 inch stems.  They thrive in sandy, well drained soil.  The
Clustered Bellflower may be planted in full sun to partial shade.  The plants
are considered hardy in zones 3 to 8.  They are listed by the botanical name
Campanula Glomerata".

Growth and Propagation of Clustered Bellflowers:

The Clustered Bellflower will spread quickly by runners.  The patch should be
contained by using a deep edging or planting in pots.  They may also be
planted in a wildflower area where spreading would not be a problem.  Our
patch is bordered by concrete and the mowed lawn.  The patch is basically the
same size as it was 40 years ago.  We have not had any seedlings come up
outside of their contained area.  They have a moderate growth rate.   The
plants flower in early summer and if you cut back the flowers you should get a
second set of blooms. They look best when planted in groups.  I have started to
take better care of our patch and transplanted some to start new patches.    
Our patch has been mowed down several times.  They have been competing
with some tall phlox and weeds.  We used to keep the trash cans on top of
them and they managed to survived all these years.  I therefore would have to
say that the Clustered Bellflower is an easy plant to grow.  They require only
basic care, such as weeding, to make them look good.  They are available at
online plant supply companies, including those in our shopping section.
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